AI guild

v. 0.1

  • Search for books in title / description
  • Search for authors in name
  • Highlight found keywords
  • Search for 5 items everytime the page scrolls to bottom ("infinite" scroll)
  • Stop searching if the last search returned nothing
  • Display a box for each book containing basic data
  • Each source should be displayed as a separate sub-box
  • Cut the description to contain the shortest sequence that includes all found keywords
  • Include a link for each available book source that opens the url in a new tab
  • Include a link to the author homepage where available that opens the url in a new tab

v. 0.2

Work in Progress
  • Add photos for authors (search for web and homepage)
  • Allow for user login, current idea is use openid/facebook/google/twitter, maybe others later
  • If the distance between the found keywords in description is too high, cut text from inbetween
  • Allow logged in users to add items to their favourites list
  • Connection between books and authors

v. 0.3

Future Plans
  • Add papers and conferences as searchable items
  • Allow users to comment/review items + rate